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Special Report:
Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Victimization Among New Mexico
Female Inmate Population: Implications for Correctional Programming

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Welcome to the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (NMCSAP), your one-stop, comprehensive resource center to address a host of issues on sexual abuse and sexual assault.

NMCSAP has the privilege of offering unique services, as well as directing you to other remarkable statewide and national resources and services to address your sexual abuse and sexual assault information needs.


NMCSAP Library Services

The NMCSAP Clearinghouse maintains an in-house library system that includes books, journals, videos, cassettes, CD-ROM and other reference materials on sexual abuse and sexual assault for anyone in the State of New Mexico to browse and check-out, or to examine in- house.

Information searches are conducted on our own database of materials, the State Criminal Statutes, the National Information System Corporation (NISC) offered from NCCAN, and several on-line databases.

Colleague Network

The NMCSAP has developed a database of professionals throughout New Mexico who are involved in the investigation, prosecution, treatment, judicial administration, and prevention of sexual abuse and sexual assault. Our Colleague Network includes experienced advocates, clergy, lawyers, judges, medical professionals, law enforcement, forensic scientists, teachers, counselors, prinicpals, and trainers who can address the specific needs of anyone involved in a sexual abuse or sexual assault case.

Additional services and materials are available from the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, NMCSAP.
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